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Type: Movies

Plot Summary: The story takes place before WWII at a photo studio on top of a hill. Many people visit this studio to have their photos taken. One day, a couple comes, but the wife is so shy that she always lowers her head. The owner of the studio tries all kinds of tricks to get her to smile and eventually succeeds. One year later, the couple comes again, but this time they bring their daughter along. She always looks grumpy, and again, the owner has to try everything to get her to smile. Thus starts a long-running relationship between the girl and the owner, and time passes to years and then decades....

Genre: Drama, Historical, Slice of Life,

Released: 2013

Status: Completed

Keywords: Shashinkan 4anime, Shashinkan animeultima, Shashinkan parasyte, Shashinkan animeflix, kissanime,


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